The Lazarines, Alexandria

The Lazarines
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Image 1:Representation of the custom of Lazarina, Easter 1964

These are small and large groups of young girls who roam the villages visited in turn all the houses and sing in a kind variants carols referred to Lazarus, a close friend of Jesus, to the descent into Hades and his resurrection.
It is a widespread tradition that Lazarus knowing the feelings of terror and fear in gloomy Hades, after the resurrection, and his return to earth, it never laughed again during the second life, staying always glum, since he knew the futility the terrestrial world. That is why in some areas, has left the proverbial phrase "unsmiling Lazarus".
Carols of Lazarus, who sing Lazarines and describing the death and Resurrection of Lazarus, over time, lost several elements from the very fact of the resurrection and heavily influenced by the ancient and the Flower Festival death and resurrection of Adonis.
So, as resurrected Lazarus, resurrected the spring with the return of Persephone to the upper world laden with flowers. The heavy winter defeated once again with the coming of spring blooming. Therefore, after the song of unsmiling Lazarus followed by chants of praise, dummies Lazarus who hold in their hands colorful handkerchiefs and dancing happy dances.
Therefore, in the Lazarines of Roumlouki, which lasted from the afternoon of eve Saturday of Lazarus until Palm Sunday, attended by unmarried girls aged 14-19 years, who had entered the age of marriage and had worn the white sayias and head tied the kerchief, as the custom has provided an opportunity to be seen by the unmarried lads of the village and matchmakers.

Image 2: Representation of the custom of Lazarina, Easter 1964

The mob consisted of 4 girls and a baby girl to 12 years, the "kalatharo", which would follow the team and would gather in her cart offers that will give the housewives in homes visited, which was usually money and eggs . The Song of Lazarus was the following:
"Lazarus came, came the Vaia,
Sunday came, we eat fish.
Where are you Lazarus?
Arise Lazarus and do not sleep,
Your mother came from the City,
She brought paper and worry beads.
Write Thodoris write Dimitri
write lemon and cypress.
Now crowed bird and nightingale
Now crowed and the swallow,
and the next year".

Finishing the song, the housewife gave them money or usually 2-3 eggs and wished to have health and get married.

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